Volunteer with our local partner!

Prayas Welfare Trust is a non-profit organization which supports educational and developmental efforts in India, which has been registered in the Indian Government registry since 2010. Prayas is a Sanskrit word for endeavour. Prayas Welfare Trust pertains previous knowledge of running local Women's Empowerment initiatives. Between 2010- 2014 a sewing centre in the village where the local women were given the opportunity to learn how to produce and market their own products were conducted by Prayas Welfare Trust. However, in September 2014, the sewing machines were stolen and the project has not been resumed since then. That previous knowledge is an assets for this current project, as those women who had partaken in that programme might still hold an interest in furthering their textile production skills. 

The organisation sees the lack of access to education as a significant impediment to general development and peoples quality of life, and has therefore as is therefore committed to improving access to education. PWT have been running a school in the Sujata village since 2004, and opened a new community school building in the same village early in 2017. Visit the Facebook page of the local school project here

If you find yourself in Bodh Gaya, we would be more than happy to put you in touch with Pankaj Kumar, our local resource person. If you have any questions about volunteering you can contact Pankaj on what’s app or call: ‭+91 99319 33841‬.