Each Product provides an opportunity

Exclusion of women from the workforce costs the world economy wast amounts of financial resources yearly. This exclusion can often be attributed to the high prevalence of child marriage in low-income and middle-income countries. When girls get married at an early age they are more inclined to lose out of having an education and more vulnerable of entering motherhood early. As a consequence, they move into their new husbands home where their prime responsibility concern household chores and caregiving.

This is why we will create employment for the local women in Sujata, with a stable income they can decide over. This will enable them to make more decisions at home and achieve a higher social status in their local community. With a new income, they can also send their children to school.

In February and March this year we conducted a feasibility study where we conducted interviews with up to 23 women. Many of the women has some experience in textile production from before, but lacks the opportunity of having a stable job. We want to start a work environment that is uplifting and caters the everyday need of the women. Based on the interviews we aim at delivering a service which caters their needs.


We have conducted a market assessment where we found that 71,56% out of 238 respondents, found access to purchasing options of ethical fashion products to be inaccessible. 80% of the respondents said they would be willing to purchase ethically sourced textile products.

Our ethically sourced products will give the consumer a chance to make a social impact. Each time you purchase a clothing item through one of our sale channels you contribute to funding: decent work with reliable contracts, a stable income and opportunities for personal growth for the local women.

We feel that this is a better alternative than what commercial retailers offer, where textile workers work long days, without fair and equal pay, in precarious conditions. Such factors only exacerbate the cycle of poverty, instead of providing opportunities that give the textile workers a chance to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. As consumers, we can break that cycle.

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The Product: 

We work with experienced designers to develop a product which will depict some characteristics of the Indian culture, while still upholding a Scandinavian appeal. The designers will come with us to India in September to help conduct training and ensure that the standard meets the expectations in the Norwegian market.

Our goal is to have a clothing collection ready for sale by early 2019. Pooja, the local Floor Manager will start by teaching how to produce the tote bags, with prints for individual consumers and businesses alike. This will enable the women to learn the sewing techniques that we can build on further into the process.

The tote bag is made out of soft, off- white cotton twill. The inside of the bag has a pocket, with an edge that resembles the colour of the logo. The product is made to provide you a sense of appreciation for its functionality, high quality, and "the extra touch". The details, durability, the aestethical tone and the standard of production, makes us proud to present the tote bag as the first product in the Better Living Projects clothing collection line.