Project Strategy 

Feasibility Study (February-March 2018)

Rune and Cecilie are travelling to Bodh Gaya for 3 weeks to conduct a feasibility study. The prime concern of this trip is to connect with the Sujata village to learn more about the community and to listen and learn from the women. Using Participatory Action Research (PAR) methods, we wish to conduct a quantitative survey of key-informants and a qualitative gender assessment of women from Sujata village. We will investigate whether there is a need for such a programme, and how we in collaboration with Prayas Welfare Trust can help adopt one.

Fundraising (April -June 2018)

Using the information we've gained during our formative research trip we will be doing fundraising towards social impact investment funds, private cooperations, and trust funds so that we can finance the project. We will additionally make use of a crowdsourcing platform so that we encourage private individuals to take part in financing the project. So be sure to follow our social media channels! 

Baseline Assessment (June-july 2018)

A quantitative survey will be conducted before project start, so that we can measure any changes after 1,2,3 and 4 years, as well as. The indicators that will be measured will directly reflect our programme impact goals. We wish to be transparent about the effects the Sujata project has on the community, and at the same time improve our practices over time.  

Training (September 2018-February 2019)

The training will consist of a skills component and a social component: high quality sewing training organised together with our designers and the local daily manager for the textile business. Help from our Norwegian designers may be necessary for training of two local women (training of trainers), who then can pass on their knowledge. The training will be teaching the women to make a product with the level of quality expected on the Norwegian market. Additionally, Pankaj will organise an 'inclusive practices' model to ensure that women are able to look past caste barriers and work together as a team.  

Social Support Programme (September 2018)

(Not complete) We acknowledge the gender discrimination and social exclusion that some women living in Bodh Gaya are faced with every day. A social support programme will be set up to avoid that the women's new roles as textile workers does not come in conflict with their roles as women/mothers/wives and daughter-in-laws. 

Product Launch (March 2019)

By end of March 2019, we expect to have our products ready for sale. The finished products will consist of two brands. One brand will be sold in our own online webshop. The other brand will be sold through Studio Bazar's shop at St. Haugen, Oslo and their webshop .