Design that lasts


We work with experienced designers to develop a product which will include the touch of the woman who made it, while still upholding a Scandinavian appeal. Our Design & Production responsible, Beate Godager, traveled from Norway to India in September 2019 to help conduct training and ensure that the standard meets the expectation of the Norwegian market.

Our Head of Production, Puja, has trained our seamstresses on how to produce the tote bags accordingly to an European standard. This has enabled the women to learn the sewing techniques that we can build on further into the process.

The tote bag is made from a robust off- white cotton canvas. The product is made to provide you a sense of appreciation for its functionality, high quality, and "the extra touch". The details, durability, and the standard of production, makes us proud to present the tote bag as the first product in the Better Living Projects product collection line.


We also provide the extra service of designing a product tailor-made for your business, in collaboration with our designer, Beate Godager who has many years of experience with both design and production from the fashion business. Price for this service is depending on the complexity of the product. Feel free to contact us and we will find a solution that fits your company’s needs.


Our customers want to do good while they order a quality product. As part of every Better Living Projects product order we will offer you the right to promote us as partners and a yearly report on impact generation.

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“Everyone wins when we are all committed to using our purchasing power for positive social impact!”

-Co-Founder and CEO; Cecilie Kjeldsberg