Those who order our products and become part of our shopping network are not “just” customers, they are partners who help create better prospects for women in Sujata. We are now looking for new partners to ensure long-term operations. Please get in touch if you would like to order our exclusive tote bags for your business. We’re always happy to talk about the possibilities for collaboration.

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Injera Palace-Vippa

"As a social entrepreneur with a vision of giving people who have fled their home country the opportunity to become independent again, it is good to have support for other projects that have the same focus. We look forward to sustainable and hand-crafted shopping bags with our own logos that we can sell from our two food stalls! ”

Daily Manager, Mestringsguiden; Ragnhild Slettner.



“In addition to being incredibly nice and practical, the Better Living Projects shopping bags have an opinion! Tøyen Startup Village wants to help support ethical trade and Better Living Project's work to provide safe jobs and financial independence to women in India!”

CEO; Senta-Rebecca Lürssen.



"We find it great to be part of such an important initiative! As a startup they promote sustainability, ethics, women's rights and development. Better Living Projects enables you to choose sustainable and ethical options and get a greater relations to the products you buy. In addition to getting a great product and a good shopping network, purchasing from Better Living Projects is an investment in a better future! "

Project Coordinator; Frida Røvik.


Skråstad Gårdsutsalg

"We wanted to be part of this project to support young founders who have a social commitment!"

Daily Manager, Kristiansand; Ole Magne Omdal.


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